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A Chicken And Eggton Situation

We went to our first chicken festival, you guys!

We made a movie about it.  To experience the chicken festival in all its glory, pour yourself an iced tea, sit down in front of a fan, rip a feather pillow open, and click play.


My favorite way to eat chicken is in quesadillas and fajitas.  When I have time, I marinade the chicken for a couple hours before I cook it.  My favorite marinade comes from a chef at Stanford University.  He gave the recipe to my dad in 1989.

Marinade for Chicken Fajitas  {Download & Print Recipe}
from a chef at the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University

Ingredients: {Serves 3-6}

1.75-2.5 lbs. skinless, boneless chicken breasts

1/2 c. soy sauce

1/2 c. vegetable or olive oil

1/2 c. lemon or lime juice

Tabasco (I usually use 2 tsp.)

black pepper (I do a healthy shake)


Clean the chicken.  Place it in a small plastic or glass bowl and cover in the remaining ingredients.  Flip the chicken over a couple of times with your hands so the marinade is mixed and evenly distributed.  Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate at least 2 hours or overnight.  Grill the chicken, or bake at 350 degrees until cooked through.  This could take half an hour or so, depending on the thickness of the meat.  Cut into the chicken to make sure it’s no longer pink before removing it from the oven.

Slice the chicken into bite-sized pieces and serve in salads, or with tortillas and whatever toppings you like.  I typically sauté peppers and onions together and put those on the table along with cheese, salsa, cilantro, sour cream, avocado, lime wedges, mango, and red beans and rice.


thunder 4.20Waiting for a piece of chicken. . .