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Eighty Days

Scott and I have been married for something like 80 days.  Most of these days have been normal with the exception of last Wednesday, when we went to our first childbirth class.  It was at night, in the basement of the emergency wing of the hospital, which I thought was creepy enough until the teacher came in waving some kind of Barbie doll and a model of a human pelvis.  The first thing she said was “does anyone know what this is?”  There were about thirty of us in the room and we all just stared at her with our mouths open because, I mean, what were we going to say?  Do we know what a pelvis is?  Why yes.  Yes we do.  We are familiar with our pelvises.  THEY ARE PRECISELY WHAT GOT US INTO THIS MESS.

But let’s back up.  There was a wedding, remember?  I finally went through the pictures and picked some to share with you.  They were all taken by our awesome photographer, Jeff Gleason.

A happy weekend to you all!

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head table

Scott wedding

Scott and Connor roaring

Scott and his guys

To the barn

wedding dress


as I come down

at the altar laughing

thunder on the run

thunder at wedding



dancing 3


looking out