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An Open Letter To The Late Lucas The Squirrel

{Newcomers, click here for our prior correspondence with the Public Works Department.}

More food coming soon!  Until then, you can find old and new Thunder pictures on eggton’s new flickr page!  Click here or on the icon on the top right of this page, next to the RSS, facebook and twitter icons. (Yup! I got on twitter. Buckle up, buttercups.)

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  1. Lindsey #

    Poor Lucas, maybe he made a quick escape? Squirrels are fast like that…

    January 31, 2012
    • Here’s hoping, Lindsey! I think Lucas can survive anything. I mean, if he can walk on a power line, I’m sure he can handle a garbage truck.

      January 31, 2012
  2. Katherine, I adore your blog. I think I’ve made that abundantly clear. At the risk of sounding like a stalker, here’s a little something for you…some foodie blog karma for you to read and pass along!

    January 31, 2012
    • Thank you, Jen! Your description of eggton is so generous and thank you so much for thinking of me! Really. Big smiles over here.

      January 31, 2012
  3. poor lucas – tell him he can come join my band of marauding ninja squirrels >8)

    January 31, 2012
    • Shelley,

      There are a disturbing number of squirrel videos on youtube. Including ones of “our pet squirrels playing on our couch.” It’s terrifying. Why would people invite a band of marauding ninja squirrels into their house? They should all be outside, where yours are. I’m not sure why I’m telling you this, but I just had to share.

      January 31, 2012
      • I would hope my 4 crazed dogs could take on the marauding ninja squirrels but frankly I think they might be outnumbered – my ninjas prefer to stay outside the screen enclosure since that gives them free rein to eat all my cherry tomatoes
        I should have harvested hundreds but the damn squirrels get to them first – I may have eaten 4 this season….
        So there is no way I would invite them in I am sure they would eat me out of house and home just like my teenagers – squirrels could probably open the fridge in a heartbeat

        January 31, 2012
        • BTW – I have eaten four cherry tomatoes – not 4 squirrels – that is a totally different story >8)

          January 31, 2012
  4. Bonnie #

    Wow, Katherine, you are wielding some serious power with your blog girl. No surprise, but super impressed, none the less. A CRANE!?!

    Just think, a side business could be taking government agencies, et al to task. No better way than with adorable pictures, food and humor!

    Keep up the good work and btw, I’m going to light a candle for Lucas…just in case he didn’t make it.

    January 31, 2012
  5. Jenifer #

    Glad the tree is gone but am really really happy that there are more pics of Thunder! Just love her!!! Seriously if you ever need a dog sitter we’d love to have her!!! (that is if you are near the IL/WI border). LOLOLOL

    January 31, 2012
    • Jenifer, it’s going to get really hot down here this summer, and Thunder will be wishing she was gallivanting around in cooler weather. If we ever head that way, I’ll let you know! (After I bang my head against the wall for agreeing to a loooooong car trip with a puppy.)

      February 1, 2012
  6. Love the new header picture! And the within-photo captions. New site is looking fab!

    January 31, 2012
    • Thanks for saying so, Arwen! The new header picture is the shed in our back yard and one of my favorite (but not very practical) bowls. Doing the new site was so fun but also a challenge because my eyes roll far, far into the back of my head when dealing with anything relating to computers.

      February 1, 2012
  7. Dang. Here in Maine they just grab the tree by the trunk and throw it onto a flatbed. That crane is mindblowing. I hope Lucas got away okay.

    January 31, 2012
    • Yes, well Brianne, I think the men you grow in Maine are very strong. I imagine them all as the strapping logging type, so I’m not surprised that they can grab trees by the trunk and throw them into a flat bed. Our guys would probably enjoy watching them while eating fried foods and drinking soda.

      February 1, 2012
  8. a #

    Squirrels are not intimidated by cranes. Lucas either saw it as a moving truck or a carnival ride. Fear not.

    January 31, 2012
    • That’s an excellent point. I wasn’t really putting myself in Lucas’s shoes, so to speak. This is probably not the first time he’s seen a crane. In fact, there’s some construction in our neighborhood, so I bet that he practices his crane maneuvers at night while we can’t see.

      Yeah, that’s probably what he does.

      February 1, 2012
  9. Sonia #

    I hope a nutty remembrance pie is being whipped up. Goodbye Lucas!

    February 1, 2012
    • Mmmm. It’s about time I try my hand at pecan pie, now that you mention it. It’s just so intimidating trying the Southern classics, knowing that the people in my neighborhood were taught their pecan pie-making skills by their great grandmothers.

      But I’ll do it for Lucas.

      February 1, 2012
  10. I’m writing a letter to my city council. Our used Christmas tree was chucked onto the back of a truck by one man, who looked to weigh about 140 lbs. Should he have been expected to do this without a crane? I’m thinking not.

    February 1, 2012
  11. I will co-sign the letter if you want. That way you can say that *the international community* is outraged. And we are. Oh boy, we are. Also, I bet the Rutherfords have an enormous tree that weighed several hundred pounds, so his suffering is partly their fault.

    Typical, right? So typical of the Rutherfords.

    February 1, 2012
  12. Lucas we hardly knew ye. 😦

    February 1, 2012
  13. Just getting up to speed on the Lucas Saga. Very sad. He should definitely consider coming to my hood, which is very squirrel-ful. In fact, we found our recycled container of almond butter perched on top of our trashcan lid today, and to keep me from FREAKING OUT about people walking all the way up to the side of our house while we sleep innocently waiting for murder inside, my boyfriend convinced me that all the squirrels in the neighborhood had done it. So see? They’re fun and mischievous! Not murderous trespassers at all!

    February 2, 2012
    • Ha! I bet those squirrels spend mad amounts of time chewing nuts into the consistency of almond butter, and that when they saw your recycling, they were like “Ack! It comes in jars! What have we been doing?!” They’re probably depressed now that they know. In fact, you might want to do a little research into how to deal with a depressed squirrel population. I’ll be reading up on how to treat Lucas if I see him again, and I’ll pass on any literature that seems helpful.

      February 6, 2012

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